5 Reasons Fiberglass Pools are the Best Choice for NC and VA

Why is a fiberglass pool better than other types of pools if  you live on the Outer Banks or other coastal regions in NC or VA?  Fiberglass pools are quickly dominating the market through North America.  

Here’s 5 Reasons Why:

  1.  Fiberglass pool warranties are hands down the best:  Fiberglass pools have the best warranty – hands down.  Most fiberglass pool manufacturers offer a 25 year to lifetime warranty on their pools.  The Latham Pool lines Southern Scapes installs are no exception.  As a Totally Hayward Partner, all Hayward pool equipment has a 3 year warranty.  At Southern Scapes, we also offer one of the best workmanship warranties in the area.

2.  Much less maintenance than vinyl liners or concrete pools.  This type of pool requires about 30 minutes of maintenance a week or less compared to 1-2 hours for other in-ground pool types.  It also doesn’t harbor algae like other pool types because of its non-porous surface. 

3. Cheaper than other types when all is considered.  Although the initial costs might be slightly more for a fiberglass pool than a vinyl pool, once installed a fiberglass pool doesn’t require installing a new liner every few years like vinyl pools.  It also uses less chemicals and only needs to circulate about 4 hours a day – which means less electrical usage.

4.  Fiberglass pools are the most user-friendly.  The surface is smooth, not slippery to the touch unlike other in-ground pools.  In addition, this type of surface won’t pick your swimsuit!   Pets and toys will not puncture your pool.  They come with awesome built-in features such as seating and non-skid steps – which are always upgrades on other types of pools.

5.  Fiberglass pools are more appealing to potential buyers because there is nothing to replace or resurface and require less maintenance. 


If you have more questions about the benefits of fiberglass pools, the Latham Pool lines, or warranty questions, please do not hesitate to contact Southern Scapes Pool and Landscape Design of Northeastern NC today 252-491-5303!