OBX NC Swimming Pool Contractor – Top Tips for Choosing a Pool Builder!

If you are thinking about installing an inground pool on the Outer Banks or elsewhere, follow these TOP tips for choosing the RIGHT swimming pool contractor for the job:

1.  Chose a contractor that has quantified experience in your area.  Ask for references and contact previous clients prior to hiring.

2.  Ask to see their work.  Pictures are great, but nothing replaces seeing the finished project yourself.  Lots of contractors use images from their suppliers and manufacturers in their marketing.

3.  Location, location, location…  Make sure you choose a pool contractor who has an established office location.  There are lots of contractors – both pool and otherwise – who operate out of their homes.  While it might lower their overhead and save you a little up front, you want a contractor who is established and invested in staying in the area.  After all, you are making an investment and want to ensure your contractor will be there for you if you have any issues.

4.  Make sure your contractor is properly licensed to do the work you are hiring them to perform.  In NC, any job over $30K requires a general contractor’s license.

5.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, ask your contractor what role they play in the entire process.  You want a contractor who is intimately involved and hands-on.  The right contractor should have the knowledge and experience required to complete the entire process required for your job.  If your contractor is not performing any of the work and relies solely on subcontractors, you want to look elsewhere as if there are any issues you might have a difficult time getting them resolved!  With fiberglass swimming pools, this is essential because improper installation can void the warranty of the swimming pool!

Hope these tips help you make an informed decision when choosing a pool builder on the OBX or elsewhere in Northeastern NC!

Owner Tom May Fiberglass Pools Outer Banks Contractor