Winter Landscaping and Swimming Pool Tips!

Landscaping and Swimming Pool Tips – Word to the Wise…

An extremely cold winter can simply be tough when it comes to your landscaping and swimming pool. Here’s just a few tips to help you protect & preserve both your landscaping and swimming during cold spells.


• If it is not winterized, make sure you reduce it run only one day a week or so.

• Adjust heads to make sure they are spraying only vegetation. Spraying your driveway or walkways may cause icy patches.

• Now’s a great time to assess if you have any problems with your system, including whether you have heads that need to be replaced. Broken pipes are another concern this time of year, so make sure to check your pressure and look for standing water as either may indicate an issue with your system.

• Insulate your irrigation backflow device and know how to turn it off if needed.

Also, make sure you know how to turn off the water at its source!


• Fertilize fruit trees and roses and mulch as needed making sure you water both

before and after fertilizer application.

• Heavy pruning of trees and shrubs is best in late winter when the plant is


• Do NOT prune or transplant winter- damaged plants as it may kill it. You need to wait until the warmer weather arrives to take care of them.

Swimming Pool/Spa – Reduce freezing risks:

• Adjust the jets upwards and keep pumps running constantly to reduce surface


• Maintain the appropriate water level and repair any air or water leaks.

Winter Landscape AND Swimming Pool Tips

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