What delays my pool installation?

In the current market, our greatest delays are related to equipment availability and shells for fiberglass pools. We literally have several fiberglass pools ordered more than a year ago that we still have not received. There is incredible demand and low supply, which tends to cause delays and increase prices. 

Under “normal” circumstances, the main reasons your pool installation may be delayed are weather and subcontractor schedules. As a pool contractor, we are also subject to delays in materials from vendors necessary to complete your project. Lastly, changes made to projects after one signs his/her contract (i.e. adding additional concrete, electrical, etc) also creates cumulative delays and can push back tentative completion dates for a project… and delay the start dates of future projects.

While Southern Scapes Pools & Landscape Design do our very best to provide you with a tentative start date, it is subject to change. We allow time in our schedule to accommodate weather delays, but extended periods of extreme weather will halt or delay the process. We are fortunate here in eastern NC to install fiberglass pools year-round. However, there are certain limitations when it comes to Mother Nature. Certain aspects of fiberglass pool installations are susceptible to extreme cold or heat, rainfall, or high winds… all of which can delay your tentative project start date and/or completion date. We do our best to communicate this with our customers. However, feel free to contact us at any time with updates, questions, or concerns regarding your installation.

Since the shutdowns in 2020, the delays and shortages have been exceptional, to say the least. The shutdowns caused by the pandemic have increased not only the cost of raw materials, but delayed our ability to obtain certain materials required as timely as we would like. In addition, there has never been greater demand for fiberglass pools, which means delays in pool manufacturing and deliveries.

While some swimming pool contractors will excavate and set a swimming pool … and then  leave it for several weeks non-circulating to “meet” an installation date, we refuse to do this at Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design. We avoid a pool sitting with non-circulating water as they are prone to mosquitos and create unnecessary risks. When we start our projects, our goal is to complete the entire installation within 3-6 weeks and to have you swimming as soon as possible.

Many clients also change their project after signing their contract, which causes cumulative delays to tentative start dates of future projects and delays in completion. While we try to account for this in our schedule, many customers will decide to substantially increase concrete, add additional electrical, add additional equipment or water features, etc. … often during the installation process. Southern Scapes Pool and Landscape Design want our clients to be happy with their project, and generally accommodate these changes during the installation process so the project can be completed in a timely manner.

A fiberglass pool installation requires the coordination of the following at a minimum:

  • Permitting requirements for your project
  • Pool shell manufactured to your specifications (i.e. gel coat choice)
  • Shipment of pool shell to our company (requires DOT permits and approval)
  • Delivery of pool shell by Southern Scapes (requires DOT permits and approval)
  • Escort(s) for pools over 12 feet in width
  • Crane services for unloading and setting the pool into excavated site
  • Delivery of various heavy equipment to your site throughout project
  • Delivery of fill materials (sand and/or gravel)
  • Equipment orders and deliveries
  • Schedules of crew members and various subcontractors required at various stages of the process
  • Concrete truck deliveries
  • Inspections as required by permitting office
  • Surveyors (when an as-built is required before and/or after your installation is complete)

Other commonly asked questions related to the installation process and schedule:

  1. Will there be someone at my house everyday? No, the installation is a process. While we do our best to coordinate the project with minimal delays, we are subject to weather conditions, availability of escorts, crane service, materials, inspections, and subcontractor schedules. Have peace of mind that we are diligently working in the background to have you swimming as quickly as we can! 
  2. Will I be updated daily? No. Once we begin excavation, we try to update our customers at least once a week once throughout the process and any time there is a change anticipated. For example, concrete shouldn’t be poured when there is expected rainfall or when conditions are too hot or cold. We will pour the concrete when conditions improve. However, please feel free to reach out via email or phone to our office any time you have questions as we are happy to help you.
  3. Will the project be delayed if I fail to move irrigation, electrical, gas, cable or other lines? It is possible that your project could be moved back if necessary. We typically have your project marked 1-2 weeks out from your project installation date. If you have any questions about where your lines are, you may want to contact 811 and have them mark your property. You may need to coordinate with providers to have these lines moved prior and/or repaired following the installation. 
  4. Can I add more concrete, electrical, or other work after I sign the contract? Yes, but the sooner we know, the better we are able to schedule your project and the projects of others. 


COVID, Weather, Shortages – The BIG 3!