Install Pool NOW… or at least start the process!

Install pool now!? WHY?

Check out the reasons you should NOT WAIT any longer to install your inground pool!

If you are reading our blog and visiting our site, odds are you are strongly considering adding an inground pool for your family and guests to enjoy.  Installing a fiberglass pool is an investment.  Here are reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer to buy your pool – and why should contact us TODAY to get started!

1.      Planning and permitting can be time-consuming:  When it is 30 to 40 degrees, the idea of planning a pool project might seem odd.  However, it is the PERFECT time to design your project and begin the permitting process, which can be time-consuming depending on your property,  and its location.  Sometimes this process takes only a week – and other times it can take months depending on the unique requirements for your property (especially true when CAMA permits are required)!  Obviously, the weather is a factor too – which can push schedules back and delay projects for reasons outside of our control.  For some reason, it usually takes until around this time of year for our brains to fire and realize it’s time to get started on your pool project.  So if you are wondering is it too early to start, the answer is a RESOUNDING NO!

2.      Longer you wait often translates into spending more:  Vendors often increase prices at the beginning of every year and/or season.  It’s simple economics:  High demand equals increases in price.  When demand is lower, prices often follow suit.

3.      More buying Incentives:  Most companies – including Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design – offer incentives for folks who install in slower periods of the year.  These incentives will most likely disappear during peak seasons.

4.      Waiting longer to swim:  When you delay starting your pool project until the end of spring, it can take longer due to construction backlog from spring – which is especially true if it has been an abnormally wet or cold year!  We want you to have as much time as possible to swim – so again, TODAY is the perfect time to start your pool project!

5.      LESS stress:  Shopping for a pool now means you have more time to make better decisions and protect your investment.  If you get the ball rolling NOW, you can be swim-ready for the summer.  You will not be forced to pick an installer based on simply on the time-frame for installation.  Typically, if someone can install your pool in a week or two from the date of contact during the peak season – you don’t want this person to install your pool.  Quality installers who stand behind their work and products will be slammed during the peak season.  Making a decision based solely on price and/or time frame is often a VERY costly decision.

6.      Construction is messy – give your yard time to bounce back:  Installing an inground pool requires heavy equipment, which can be a messy process (especially in low-lying and/or areas with high water tables).  Installing NOW, gives your property time to “recover”.  It is also, of course, an ideal for installing new landscaping!

7.  AWESOME FINANCING IS NOW AVAILABLE:  That’s right, if you borrow, let’s say $35,000.00, for as much as 180 months, your payment right now is only about $300 a month.  Of course, there are many options that could extend or shorten the time frame for repayment.   What’s more, the interest is tax deductible, the rate is “fixed” over the life of the loan and better yet, there is NO prepayment.  We offer financing with Lyon Financial AND Lightstream.  The rates are awesome AND the process is simple – and it is not an equity line!