Outer Banks Pools – Top 5 Myths about Pools

Outer Banks Pools – NC Swimming Pool Myth Buster!

This blog will address some of the major Outer Banks pool myths surrounding swimming pools.  So what are the most popular myths?

Myth #1:  Fiberglass pools float.

Fact:  While it is true that they CAN float if they were placed in a river or other body of water, fiberglass pools will not float – or pop out of the ground – if they are properly installed.  We have never had a pool float or pop out of the ground, but we have replaced quite a few that have.  Why does this happen? Sometimes the installer is not familiar with installing in high water tables, which makes it a recipe for disaster from the go.  We always recommend using a qualified and licensed installer for this reason.  ALWAYS ask if an owner will be a part of this process as proper installation is critical.  Some of our competitors – even the licensed ones – sub out every aspect of the job to others and have NO idea how to install a pool.  Don’t let this happen to you – ask the tough questions.  The other reason is the owner or person maintaining the pool lets the water level drop too low.  ALWAYS ask the installer before you drop the water and NEVER drain your pool without contacting the installer.

Myth #2:  The strong smell of chlorine means the pool is safe and germ-free.

Fact:  The strong smell of chlorine actually means just the opposite is true!  A properly disinfected pool will have no strong chemical smell.  The chlorine smell arises from the chlorine reacting with contaminants (i.e. sweat, urine, body oils, etc) in the pool.  The smell is from these chloramines are irritants to both the eyes and skins of swimmers.

Myth #3:  Chlorine will turn your blond, or color-treated hair, GREEN!

Fact:  Chlorine is not to blame for green hair.  The green color typically comes from too much copper or other metals in the pool water, which are added to control pool algae or leached from pool plumbing.  If you are concerned about your hair, wear a cap.  Our best advice is to shampoo your hair immediately after getting out of the pool!

Myth #4:  Swallowing some pool water is safe for children if it is disinfected.

 Fact:  Always teach your kids to avoid putting pool water in their mouths, especially in crowded, or public pools.  While chlorine will kill most waterborne germs, the levels fluctuate – especially when there are lots of folks in and out of the pool.  More importantly, some germs are resistant or take longer for chlorine to eliminate.  Best advice is to tell them to NEVER put it in their mouths!

 Myth 5:  Pool operators are responsible for keeping the pool “healthy”. 

 Fact:  There is so much you could AND should do to keep the water clean and safe!  To minimize chloramines, always shower before swimming and NEVER EVER pee in the pool.  Take young swimmers to the bathroom regularly AND encourage them to avoid peeing in the pool (the same way you would encourage them not to pee in their bath water).  As always, encourage them to wash their hands after a visit to the potty!  Anyone with diarrhea should avoid the pool altogether (I know it’s gross – and, hopefully, a no-brainer!)  You can also do a simple test using a color-coded plastic strip or order a free test kit from http://www.healthypools.org/order-pool-kit-form/.  If the readings are unacceptable, contact the pool operator and have them correct the situation!