So how much swimming space do you really need in your new swimming pool?

How much space is right for you in your new swimming pool?  The question is it depends on a number of factors.

First, you must consider how you are going to use your new swimming pool.  If you will be entertaining lots of guest or enjoy water activities like volleyball, you will definitely need – AND want – more space to swim.  However, if you just want a place to jump in and cool off and relax, you could probably do any size you want!

So which type of pool offers more swim space?  A curvy pool will always have less swim space, although many prefer the interest it offers to their overall fiberglass swimming pool project.  A more linear pool will give you the most space – despite being a little less interesting.  Of course, there are so many models to choose from now – that you can really get the best of both worlds with some designs!

In choosing the design, it is important rectangular or Roman shaped pools offer a more “formal” feel and other elements such as fencing and other structures should be reflective of this element for a more pleasing final project.  Curvy, or freeform pools, tend to create more interest and look more natural depending on the setting.

So what’s important to you in a pool shape? It completely depends on your needs, desires and the finished look you are hoping to achieve for your fiberglass swimming pool project.