Light VERSUS Dark Fiberglass Pools


Today’s fiberglass pools are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors – and the options only to continue to grow as time passes.  We are often asked which color is best – white, light blue, aqua blue, green, and, yes, even black.  With this being said, let’s take a minute to look at the good, the bad and the ugly of light versus dark pools!

  1. TEMPERATURE: We encourage our customers to consider the difference between a dark and light colored car when considering what pool color is best.  Obviously, the darker the color of the pool, the greater the amount of heat absorbed by the pool.  Hence, a darker pool will retain and hold heat more than a lighter colored pool.  A white or light colored pool will reflect heat and radiation, which means energy is lost and water temperatures will be much cooler.  A colored or darker pool will be more energy efficient and will keep the water at a better temperature than a white pool.  Two benefits of this added energy efficiency is an extended swim season and less electricity and/or gas if utilizing a heater!
  2. CLEANLINESS: A white or light-colored pool will ALWAYS appear dirtier than colored pools because it shows sand and debris more than a darker colored pool.  In addition, the water can act as a magnifying glass of sorts and make it appear dirtier than it really is.  Not that you want a nasty pool – but a colored pool does a much better job of masking debris and scum lines.  Just think about a white bathtub versus a blue, green or beige tub – get the idea?  A very dark pool can harbor more algae – but it is easily managed by maintaining the appropriate level of chlorine and chemicals in the pool
  3. ESTHETICS: Most people decide on a particular pool model or color based simply on the “look” they are going for with their pool.  Most of our clients choose a colored pool because it gives it more of a refreshing, relaxing tropical look than a white pool.  Extremely dark pools can make the water seem much deeper because it distorts the depth. 

That’s the long and short of it folks!  What is our personal choice?  Whatever the client wants!  With this being said, more than 98% of our clients choose to install colored pools instead of a white pool.  However, we truly do whatever our customers want as it is their pool and should be what they want!