Fiberglass Pool Depths

Fiberglass Pool Depths – what should you consider? What is a good depth for your new fiberglass pool?

Fiberglass inground pools are available in a multitude of colors, shapes, sizes and depths with ever increasing add-on options hitting the market.  Advances in technology coupled with more and more people manufacturing fiberglass pools means greater variety and choice for consumers wishing to install a swimming pool.

The depth of a pool is typically determined based on the size of the swimming pool.  For example, smaller pools are typically shallower than larger pools.  On average most small to mid-size  fiberglass pools tend to be in the 3 ½ feet to 5 ½ feet range.  Most large pools usually max out at under 6 ½ feet. We typically recommend to clients with rental properties in Nags Head, Duck, Southern Shores, Corolla, Manteo, Kill Devil Hills or elsewhere on the Outer Banks to install pools no deeper than 6 1/2 feet to discourage diving. While greater pool depths are possible, diving should never been encouraged at your OBX vacation rental property.

There are transition pools available for fiberglass pool depths up to 8 feet.  These pools are typically at least 40 feet in length to accommodate diving.  However, it is important to remember that NOT ALL pools with 8 foot depths are suitable for diving.  We always recommend checking with your insurance company and code guidelines before installing a diving pool.

There are also fiberglass pools available in single depths in addition to sports pools.  The sports pools are usually shallow on both ends (approximately 3 ½ feet) and deeper in the middle of the pool. The sports models are recommended if you plan to primarily use the pool for games. If you are looking for more flexibility, choose fiberglass pool depths that gradually increase or a single pool depth.

Most people like to play in their pool and prefer to keep fiberglass pool depths between 3 to 6 feet.