Outer Banks pool cost?

Outer Banks pool cost how much?

At Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design of the OBX, NC – one of the most frequently asked questions we are asked is how much it cost to install a fiberglass pool.

Frankly, it is like asking how much is going to cost me to build a house as there are so many factors that impact the cost of a pool.  However, there are some key variables to consider that directly correlate to the price of a fiberglass pool project.  These factors include:

1.  Pool size:  The larger the pool, the more expensive.  Pools with widths over 14 feet are more expensive to not only make, but to transport and deliver.

2.  Installation Access: Is the pool installation location easily accessible? The more available the access, the lower the cost.  Sometimes we are required to crane over houses to set the pool.  Other times we must hire septic companies to move systems or re-locate drainage lines in order to meet the requirements for a particular area.   Other times site work is needed to remove existing trees and other vegetation prior to the start of the project.

3. CAMA and Permitting: Each town and county has varied permit requirements and costs.  If you are in an area requiring a CAMA permit, the requirements are even more costly.  Some homeowners associations also have requirements and cost associate as well.

4. Site Conditions: Is your property in an area with a high water table? If so, this requires setting well points to keep the hole dry during the installation process, which is more time-consuming and labor intensive.  Is the ground all sand or is there clay?  If the ground is not sandy, your installation will require clean fill material for backfilling, which will add to the overall cost of the project.  Also, is the area flat or sloping?  Sometimes retaining walls are necessary in sloping areas.  Is the area lower than the rest of the property?  Proper drainage is an essential – and often overlooked aspect – by some pool installers.  Of course other factors including your existing structures will come into play as well.  For example, sometimes our clients will re-route decking or stairs to allow for access to the pool area from their existing home.

5. Accessories and Options: The type and number of accessories and options included impact cost.  For example, choosing a salt water chlorinator instead of an inline chlorinator will increase your cost.  Adding underwater lighting, a heater, and/or a water feature will also increase the cost of your pool.  Check out our blog for what you should consider during installation – and what you can add later if budgeting is a concern:  Most Popular Options for Your Fiberglass Pool on the OBX?

6. Decking and Fencing: The amount type of decking and fencing will impact the cost as well.  Wooden decking or pavers are often more expensive than concrete.  With concrete, adding color and/or a texture or stamp will increase the cost as well.  With fencing, one typically has the choice of wood, vinyl or metal – and then many options and styles to choose from that can vary cost.  Obviously, the larger the fenced area, the greater the price as well.

As you can see, there are limitless possibilities to be considered when it comes to calculating the cost of a fiberglass pool project.

Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design is always willing to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote based on your unique pool project.  Furthermore, we are happy to assist our clients with a variety of pricing options to fit the budget you have allocated for the project.

Equally important, if you are on a tight budget, Southern Scapes can you help you develop a plan to implement your ultimate dream project as your budget allows.  We want you to have your dream pool and be in love with your final

Contact us today to set up a site visit and get your free quote!  We are just a click or call away from helping you start designing and building your dream pool and outdoor oasis!  Let’s get started – 252-491-5303!