Budget for your NC Swimming Pool

Adding a swimming pool to your NC home? The next step is to create a budget for your project.  Here is an idea of where to start…

What do you want in a pool?

While the question sounds simple, there’s quite a bit you should consider before installing your in ground swimming pool including both size and shape. You also need to consider what activities you and your guests might enjoy in your pool. You might want to add a bar if you plan to have parties and cookouts around the pool.  Southern Scapes Pool & Landscacpe Design of the Outer Banks and Currituck typically recommends adding a shady spot for older guests or those who simply do not like hanging out in the sun.  As a licensed NC General Contractor, we have both the experience and expertise to take your vision and make it a reality. We recommend making a swimming pool wish list and write down everything you want your pool area regardless of whether it is in your budget. If you plan for it now, you can later if your budget doesn’t allow for it during the initial swimming pool installation.  ALWAYS ask what pool options need to be installed at the beginning and what can easily be added later as well.

Why is fiberglass best?

Fiberglass pools will always be the least expensive and easiest to maintain in the long run. They are quick to install and offer amazing warranties (typically lifetime for the shell).  They are also the most durable and kid- and pet-friendly option.

Other considerations – and hiring the RIGHT contractor…

Now that you have your wish list and a pretty good idea of what you want to include in your project, it’s a great time to have a professional pool sales person visit your site. It’s a good idea to provide them with a survey from the beginning so they have an idea of where (and sometimes if) a pool can be installed. We recommend having them estimate the entire project – whether you plan to do it all at once or in stages – so you have a good idea of what your overall swimming project will cost.

When it comes to contractors and estimates, it is important to know that you will most likely not be comparing apples to apples.  We ALWAYS recommend our clients choose their NC pool contractor rather than letting their home builder pick a subcontractor as many builders use the cheapest option with little thought about how you will use the poolside area. In addition, most of them are NOT licensed pool professionals and only install a handful of pools every year.  Unfortunately, some pool installers have lots of hidden charges NOT included in the estimate, which are added on the backside after you have already entered into a binding contract. We recommend ALWAYS asking what additional costs can be incurred upfront so you don’t end up way out of budget as we see this happen ALL the time.  Choose a reputable pool builder, like Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design of the Outer Banks NC, who are licensed, warranty their work, and who do their best to provide you with the most comprehensive quote possible from the beginning!

Last, but certainly not least, NEVER purchase a pool from a company unwilling to sit down with you and complete an in-person site visit. ALWAYS ask to see other installations and don’t trust everything you see on an installer’s website as many times the pictures of swimming pool installations are nothing more than “borrowed” pictures from the manufacturer’s site. Never buy a pool over the phone! Do your homework to avoid future headaches.