Top Tips for Battling Ticks – OBX NC & VA

Need tips for battling ticks?

I decided to write this blog after pulling several ticks off myself and children over the last few weeks.  Here are some simple tips for reducing ticks in your yard this season:

1.  Clear Out, Clean AND Check tick hiding places.  Ticks love shady, moist spots in the yard – and tall grass.  Put wood and compost piles away from high traffic areas and keep grass cut short.  Clean up yard debris and vegetation.  Consider choosing plants that deer don’t like and/or put up a barrier to prevent.  Keep your shrubs trimmed and beds cleared of debris.  

2.  Cut Grass Short.  Keep your grass cut to the recommended height.  Keeping grass short and using a bagger will help keep ticks at bay.

3.  Apply an insecticide around May.  Insecticides reduce these pests by at leobx pool landscape Southern Scapes ticksast 50 % over a season.  If you live in a tick prone or densely wooded area, consider having professionals spray the perimeter.  In addition, you may want to add a barrier like a fence to keep out deer, which carry ticks.

4.  Protect Yourself!  Check yourself, your children and your pets daily taking care to properly remove ticks.  Apply bug sprays with Deet when you play to be outside.  You can also try creating a citrus spray (safe for pets too) or wearing lavender or peppermint oil – both of which repel ticks.  Wear light clothing and long pants and tuck into socks when you have to be in a tick-prone area.