September Landscaping Tips NC

September Landscaping Tips NC
AHH! Fall is here… and you are probably wondering what to do in your yard this month? September in NC is such an awesome month – and a great time to start getting your yard ready for fall. The summer heat brings lots to do in the yard – and a lot of heat that might prevent us doing certain landscaping & gardening. However, fall offers a bit more flexibility. The beautiful September weather makes it an ideal time to take advantaging of Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design’s September landscaping tips.


Here’s a quick look at the “do’s” with these September Landscaping Tips!
1.    It’s the perfect time to re-seed, repair and fertilize your lawn using controlled-release nitrogen.

2.    Don’t prune trees & shrubs heading into dormancy. Not sure what you can prune – well “Google IT!”

3.    Start cleaning out your garden… and it’s not to late to plant some winter crops.

4.    Divide and/or transplant your perennials. Continue deadheading flowers as needed.

5.    Keep weeding by hand and/or spraying a weed control agent!