Re-mulching Beds Every Year

Do you need to re-mulch every year?

YES!  A light top dressing is really all you need – about an inch is usually enough.  After your initial mulching, anything more than 3 inches actually does more harm than good.  Mulching not only freshens up the look of your beds, it also helps protect plants and preserve moisture – which is important EVERY season!  In summer, mulch will keep plants cooler; in winter it acts as an insulator. Most people re-mulch in spring, but it can be done anytime of year.


  1.  Turn the mulch to allow more nutrients, water and air to reach the plants.  Good tools are metal rakes or pitch forks.
  2. Pull and/or treat weeds in the area to be mulched.
  3. Always leave 3-6 inches between mulch and plantings.
  4. Mulch to the same level as your lawn where your bed meets the grass.