Outer Banks NC August Landscaping Tips

Landscaping in August – use these tips!

It’s AUGUST – What do I need to do in my yard?

Here are some great tips by Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design LLC about what you should do in your yard the month of August!

Weeding your lawn and gardens is a must this time of year. We recommend pulling weeds right after a good rain as it makes them easier to remove. Spraying weeds during drier periods is a good idea if time simply doesn’t allow for pulling!

Watering must be done thoroughly and deeply – and should be done in morning or early afternoon to allow the soil to warm up.

Don’t forget to remove spent flowers and dry leaves from flowering plants, perennials and annuals.  Removing spent flowers typically increases how long the plant will flower.  Removing dry leaves and bad foliage helps reduce the spread of fungus and insects among plants.

August and September is a great time to divide and transplant spring-blooming perennials. Continue fertilizing your annuals and checking for insects and disease.

You can also lightly prune dead or broken branches from shrubs after they finish flowering.  Do not do any “hard” pruning as it can stress your plant this time of year.

If your yard is drought-stressed or it’s consistently over 90 degrees, don’t worry about weed-killer.  In the later part of August or early September, you can fertilize and over-seed thin spots.  However, if it is stressed or too hot – WAIT!  Continue watering as grass needs about 1” of water a week to stay healthy.