OBX NC and VA Landscapes – Splitting perennials!

Live in NC or VA, it’s time to split, or divide your perennials, and put money back in your pocket!  Find a friend or neighbor and share your divided perennials and save even more!

Although spring and summer perennials are best divided in the fall, it’s not too late to divide some of them now.  Now is an ideal time to divide fall perennials.  Dividing perennials keeps plants healthier and stronger and is an easy way to “let your garden grow!”  

 Your perennials should be divided approximately every 1-4 years to enhance the plant.  Try to do it on a cloudy or cooler day with a chance of rain in the forecast.  If there’s no rain in sight, make sure you water regularly the first couple of weeks. 

 Prior to dividing, make sure you water the parent plant well for a few days prior.  Using a sharp shovel, dig up the plant and use the shovel to divide.  Shake off the extra dirt from the roots and remove any spent flowers or leaves.  Separate the roots of each new plant with either your fingers or scissors. 

 Plant, water regularly and ENJOY! 

 Here are a couple of great sites for more information about dividing various perennials in NC or VA: