March Landscaping – DO’S AND DONT’S

March landscaping – what should you do? With such a cold winter, many people in Northeastern NC and Southeastern VA have SPRING FEVER! Regardless of whether you live on the Outer Banks, Moyock, Elizabeth City, Chesapeake, or Virginia Beach – here are some helpful tips! Need help or have questions? Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design is here to help!


• Prune trees and shrubs now, while they are dormant. The only exception is spring-flowering plants. You should wait until after their bloom season. Pruning allows for a healthier plant and enhances its shape and form.
• Now is the time to plant trees before it gets too hot. Planting now reduces stress and requires less water.

• Prune winter and spring-flowering shrubs and trees until they are finished blooming for the season.
• Prune more tender plants like gardenias and oleander. Wait until about mid-April when the potential for another frost is unlikely.


DO:outer banks landscape contractor flowers
• Pull weeds and/or apply pre-emergents now prior to the weeds going to seed.
• Divide and start planting hearty perennials like daylilies, daisies, and liriope – but don’t forget to water!
• Start planning additions to your garden. Remember, Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design can help you with the design process!

• Plant tender perennials and annuals yet. Wait until around mid-April when frost is less likely.


• Apply lime if needed.
• Re-seed and water if needed.
• Apply herbicides for crabgrass control.

• Fertilize warm season grasses (Bermuda, Zoysia, etc.) until it turns completely green in spring. Avoid fertilizing fescue in the spring as it can sometimes cause disease.
• Mow your grass too short. Keep the minimum height to 2-3 inches. In addition, leave the clippings because it adds nutrients back to the lawn.

Have fun with your March landscaping!