OBX NC – Advantages of a fiberglass pool over concrete?

What are the advantages of a fiberglass pool over concrete?    In the pool industry, this question is one of the most popular so here’s another look at why fiberglass is a better choice.

 Maintenance:  On average, a fiberglass pool takes about 30 minutes a week to maintain, possibly less depending on location and type of chlorinator.  If you have an automatic vacuum, you are probably looking at even less time.  A concrete pool takes more than twice the time to keep up and requires more chemicals to keep it balanced due the porous nature of the materials.  Fiberglass pools are non-porous and don’t harbor algae like concrete pools.

Re-surfacing:  Concrete pools, on average, need to have an acid wash every 3-5 years and require re-surfacing.  Here’s a great video we found on youtube detailing this process. 

More expensive to operate:  You will have to run your pump about twice as long every day to maintain the balance in your pool.

More electrical = more money out of your pocket to keep the pool operational and safe.

Installation time:  The installation time of a fiberglass pool ranges about 2-4 weeks depending on weather conditions, etc.  A concrete pool can take months to install and is a much slower process.

Quality:  Fiberglass pools are built in a factory in controlled conditions.  Concrete pools are constructed on site and are subjected to the weather and other variables during installation that could compromise the quality.

Warranties:  Most fiberglass pools come with a 20 year to lifetime warranty backed by the manufacturer of the pool.  Concrete pools typically offer a one year warranty for workmanship backed only by the installer.

If you want a truly low-maintenance swimming pool for your family – and even your pets – to enjoy – then fiberglass is certainly the way to go!