First Steps in Making Your OBX NC Pool a Reality!

What is the first step in making your dream of OBX NC pool ownership a reality?

We recommend first determining exactly what your layout options are based on your most recent survey to determine how much space you actually have in your yard.  Every county, township, and many times homeowner’s associations, have restrictions related to lot coverage and setbacks that really limit the installation area regardless of whether you live in Dare, Currituck, Camden, Perquimans, Pasquotank County.  Your elevation on the Outer Banks and in surrounding coastal communities may also restrict where and how your OBX NC pool is installed.  Sometimes CAMA permits are required for these areas as well.  Of course, there might also be issues with accessing the area.  Many times, people simply look at the expanse of their lawn without realizing all of the possible restrictions that may apply to their project.  If you are just building your home and may decide to install a pool at some point, considering these limitations from the beginning is beneficial.  If you are installing a fiberglass pool at your existing residence, there are definitely several considerations that must be considered.

The GREAT NEWS is we know all of the requirements and will help you layout a CAD design of your project and take care of the permitting process for you!

Here are just a few things to consider when laying out your project:

1.   Elevation: In lower lying areas, we are sometimes required to anchor fiberglass pools, which cost a little extra.  Permits can take a little longer too, especially if it is an area requiring CAMA permits.  Sometimes an engineer is required as well.

2.  Setbacks and Easements: Typically there are rear, side and front setbacks where a permanent structure cannot be installed.  In most Dare County townships, the side setbacks are 10 feet and rear and front setbacks may be as much as 25 feet.

3.  Lot coverage: Most properties on the Outer Banks have limited lot coverage (typically 30-40%).  However, each township and county has their own idea of what constitutes lot coverage.  For example, some consider areas under wooden decking lot coverage and others do not.

4.  Septic: Septic systems typically cannot be within a certain distance of the pool (15 feet is average) and require a repair area. In tight lots, sometimes moving the septic and/or re-locating the repair area is necessary.

5.  Distance from the residence: Sometimes a pool must be located within a specific distance from the home.  Typically, however, the above considerations are the most critical in designing your outdoor oasis!

Obviously, you can see there many, many factors to consider when planning your pool project whether on the Outer Banks or elsewhere in NC.  We recommend the first task is locating a scaled copy of your survey.  Having a survey that is to scale is important in planning the layout options available to you based on your unique needs and desires. The faster we receive your plat, the faster we can begin the planning and permitting process for your project!

If you have any questions about whether a pool can fit, Southern Scapes Pools & Landscaping is hands down your go-to company! We install pools in locations others simply cannot or will not due to the requirements.  As a General Contractor and landscape designer in NC for more than 15 years, we have the experience and skill to create the outdoor OBX NC pool project of your dreams.

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