Fiberglass Pools: What You Need to Know About Water Tables & Clay from Edenton to Chesapeake and the Whole Outer Banks

If you are in an area with a high water table or lots of clay – it is critical to find a builder familiar with installing swimming pools in these conditions. Equally important, ALWAYS keep your swimming pool filled to the appropriate level and NEVER drain fiberglass pools.

It can take some special expertise to build and install Fiberglass Swimming Pools in high clay areas. In many cases these places have high water tables as well. Clay and water represent some of the worst conditions for installing fiberglass pools. If you are having a pool installed, make sure your contractor has good experience with these types of installs. Improper installation in these conditions can cause serious problems down the road. Do NOT let anyone backfill pool with clay – EVER! This will cause major problems down the road.. Pay a little extra for sand and/or gravel to properly backfill your swimming pool. Contrary to popular option, fiberglass pools do not “float” – as we debunked in Myths Blog.

In addition, Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design always recommend having a cantilevered edge in high water table and/or areas with clay soils.