Swimming Pools Increase OBX Rentals

Will a swimming pool increase your rentals on the Outer Banks?  Without a doubt – YES!  In fact, some OBX rental companies will not even manage your rental property unless it has a pool!

Why is a swimming pool a necessary commodity for your property?  Frankly, when you have a family – going to the beach simply is not all that easy – not to mention the sandy mess it makes!  The ocean on certain days and areas can be treacherous.  People who vacation on the Outer Banks are here to enjoy the outside – and adding a pool allows them to easily do this without a whole lot of hassle.   Typically, homes with a pool also experience a decrease in wear of the interior of their property because people spend more time outside!  It’s a win-win!

Why is a fiberglass pool the best option for your rental property?  They are the lowest maintenance, requiring the least amount of chemical and electrical usage.  They are kid- and pet-friendly – and never have to be replaced like liners or re-finished like concrete.  We sell and install pools by Latham, the largest swimming pool manufacturer in the country, who offer 20-year to lifetime warranties on your pool shell – which means your investment is protected.  The installation process is also so much quicker than with liners or concrete.  For more information about how fiberglass pools compare to other types of pools, please check out this blog: https://southernscapesllc.com/fiber-glass-pool-install/fiberglass-pool-vs-vinyl-liner-vs-concrete-ones-best/

Why Southern Scapes?  We install more pools than any other contractor on the Outer Banks and in the surrounding area because we know how to tackle every job and its unique challenges.  As both a licensed General Contractor in NC and a landscape designer/installer, we work with our clients to maximize both the functionality and aesthetics of their property by providing a unique turn-key project.