BEST time to BUY a Swimming POOL Outer Banks NC?!

BEST time to buy a swimming pool on the Outer Banks or anywhere in NC and VA?  Well, right now!

One of the most common questions we are asked is when is the best time to purchase a swimming pool?  With the downturn in the economy, many pool shells are as much as 30% less than 10 years ago.  With this being said, we are starting to see price increases largely due to the increased cost of production and a slowly recovering economy. In short, now is a great time to buy a swimming pool.

Many companies – including Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design – are offering promotions and incentives for installing now!  Late winter and early spring installations offer our clients the ability to enjoy their pool from day one of the season, which is the great bonus of installing a pool right now.

Most people do not consider the time-consuming process of permitting their projects, which can take months for some depending on their location and restrictions.  It is important to start NOW to ensure you have your pool in place and swimmable for the season.

Furthermore, with interest rates at their lowest in years – it only makes sense to consider turning your yard into your own paradise right now.  We also have some great financing opportunities!  These loans require NO equity … and we can have you ready to swim for as little as $298 month (turnkey package). Check out our recent blog for more information:

Let’s get this “party” started!  Contact us today for your FREE quote and to inquire about our current specials!