Adding an Inground Pool INCREASES Home Value

Adding an inground pool increases home value?  YES!

If you live on the Outer Banks – or anywhere warm in North Carolina or Virginia – the answer is YES!  The most attractive options for buyers and renters are in-ground pools, with fiberglass being the most desired due to the warranty and low maintenance requirements of a fiberglass pool.  A recent survey of 28,000 home owners across the United States concluded a “swimming pool is a desired feature” AND increases your property value by up to 15%.

Why Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape & Design?  Here’s a few reasons to consider installing and owning a pool by our company.

1.      ENJOYMENT!  Yes, we think this is the #1 reason.  You and your guests will enjoy the pool.  Throw in a couple of pina coladas and BOOM – instant resort-feeling without the sandy mess.

2.      SAFETY!  Hands down, a pool is a safer option than the ocean for your family.

3.      CURB APPEAL!  We are the ONLY company with the knowledge and experience to create a true outdoor paradise.  As a General Contractor and landscape designer, we have the “know-how” and expertise to design more than just your pool location.  We will work with you – and your budget – to create an outdoor experience.  From water features to landscaping to outdoor kitchens and living areas, Southern Scapes has you covered!  Home buyers are drawn to beautifully landscaped and well-thought out and installed inground pool areas.  If you have ever bought or sold a property, we

4.      KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES!  While we wouldn’t say this is always a great idea, when it comes to selling and buying properties – you must consider following suit! If most of the neighboring properties have a pool, you may limit your number of buyers by NOT having a swimming pool.  If your property is in a neighborhood with few swimming pools, it will increase the attractiveness of your property to potential buyers!

To maximize your value, keep in mind that you want to build a pool consistent with the value of your home.  Generally, you should consider budgeting up to 20% of your property’s value to create an outdoor living area consistent with the value of your home.  Can you do it for less?  YES!  But, if you are concerned about re-sale value – this figure is a good rule of thumb for maximizing the value.  DO NOT cut back on the aesthetics.  Add a little landscaping and opt for something other than a square of plain concrete around your pool.  Of course, keep the area around the pool neat and maintained to increase its attractiveness to guests and potential buyers.  Nothing says I don’t care like a dirty pool and over-grown outdoor space.  Most importantly, don’t take the cheapest bid out there AND never make a decision based totally on installation time frame as odds are you will most likely regret that decision one day.  Protect your investment and choose a contractor, such as Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design, with a proven track record.  Designing and installing beautiful outdoor spaces on the Outer Banks and all over Northeastern NC is what we do – which is why we do it best!