5 Simple Ways to Create Fiberglass Pool Oasis in Northeastern NC or Southeastern VA

While there are many options to consider when installing a fiberglass pool,  we have listed 5 simple ways to create the fiberglass pool oasis you have always wanted.


1.  Opt for a Colored Pool:  Gone are the days of installing white pools.  New innovations in gel coat allow for an array of colors.

2.  Get Creative with your Patio/Decking:  Choose stamped, brushed or a salt finish instead of standard concrete.  Consider throwing in a little color too, especially with the coping.  Adding a colored coping really makes your pool stand out!  Consider adding a little contour to the shape of your decking as well.  If you have a bigger budget, you could also consider other options such as brick or pavers.

3.  Add a Water Feature:  Adding a water feature – even a simple one – adds another layer of beauty and tranquility to your pool.  Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design are experts in this area!

4.  Add Landscaping:  Adding plants and flowers within your pool area makes it more inviting and welcoming.  In addition, you may want to consider using a nice gravel between the pool decking and fence, which is low maintenance and adds interest.  Landscape lighting enhances your pools beauty in the evening.  We will be happy to assist you with designing this area as we are the only OBX pool builder specializing in landscaping and design work!

5.  Add a Bar, Tiki or other Shady Spot:  It’s always nice to add a little shady spot to your pool area to accommodate the needs of your family and/or guests.