Swimming Pool Lights

Swimming Pool Lights –  Cost & Other Common Lighting Questions

In ground swimming pool lights are one of the most popular swimming pool options chosen by clients of Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design of the Outer Banks NC.  It is also one we receive a number of questions about so we decided to create this blog as yet another way to inform our customers!  So what are some of these questions?

What are the benefits of lighting my pool?

The main reason our NC and VA fiberglass pool customers install swimming pool lights is to allow owners to take full advantage of their fiberglass pool both day and night.  Not only does it increase visibility – which is essential for nighttime swimming with young children – but it also creates a certain ambiance.  Pool lighting today is a safe and virtually risk free option.

Can I add lighting after construction?

Unlike most options for your NC fiberglass pool, lighting isn’t something you can add later without some major headache and renovation. If you think you want lighting, it needs to be included during the initial construction. Swimming pool lights simply don’t offer the flexibility as an add-on option post-construction. You will certainly pay a lot more for the labor after the fact.

How many and what kind of lights do I need?

We are primarily using LED lighting. LED lighting, like the Savi line we typically install, are nicheless and do not require grounding or bonding like other types of lighting. For fiberglass pools less than 30 feet, we recommend at least one light and two for larger pools.  However, it is ultimately up to the client.

What are the lighting options available?

The most popular swimming pool light option today is definitely the LED. LED lights do not have filaments, so they don’t emit heat. They also change colors and have a super long life span (about 30000 hours as compared to most other lighting, which last about 5000 to 6000 hours).  Fiber optics, while still available, are a less popular choice because they do not last as long and don’t emit as much light as LED lights.  In addition, fiber optic lighting tends to cost more in the long run.  Incandescents tend to be slightly less expensive, but do require a niche and bonding – and emit hit.  In order to change the color a colored lens must be placed over the light and the bulb life, as stated previously, is much less.  With the exception of changing the bulbs – which is super easy and takes about 10 minutes – there really is little maintenance required for any type of lighting.

How much do inground pool lights cost?

Incandescent pool lights typically run about $500 or so installed. Fiber optic lighting usually runs somewhere around $1500 installed. LED lighting, similar to what we at Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design install in our NC pools are typically around $1000 installed (includes electrical and light switch).  The replacement bulbs run between $20 to $80 for most fiber optic and incandescent bulbs. The LED lights run $50-$500 depending on the size and type of light… but last 5 to 6 times longer than other types of lighting.