Selecting the Right Swimming Pool Model and NC Contractor?

How To Select A Swimming Pool  Model and Pool Contractor 101…

Aaaahhh… Your very own backyard paradise.  Your own little piece of heaven for you to enjoy with family and guests!   Just a little no sand and grit fun in the sun!  Sounds awesome right now doesn’t it? Selecting the right swimming pool model and pool contractor will ensure your dream outdoor space doesn’t turn into a nightmare!

But there are so many great choices out there. What’s a poor pool buyer to do?

There are many factors to consider, including: your budget; the size of your lot; restrictions based on the area of installation;  how much time (& money) you are willing to spend on maintenance, etc. Be sure to consider the following regardless of the pool you might be interested in:

1.  PRICE … or … What’s it actually going to cost me, including decking, landscaping and options? MAKE sure you always compare apples to apples as so many companies exclude items necessary to the installation to make their price seem lower – only to be hit with TONS of change orders as the project progresses.

2.   INSTALLATION … Who’s going to put it in? Does the company do the install or is everything outsourced? One sure fire way to regret installing a pool is to select a company that uses subcontractors exclusively for everything.  While it might help keep their prices lower, you don’t want Joe Blow the septic guy putting in your pool.  The truth is there are many pool company owners who would have no idea how to put the pool in properly on their own.  There are also many pool cleaners who “do pools” on the side.  Our recommendation – ask the company who installs their pools and how many pools they personally install a year (and yes – that means getting their hands dirty on the job site).  Even if you don’t choose Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design, select a reputable, knowledgeable, long-standing installer – and don’t get roped in by fancy websites!  Ask tough questions – and we are happy to help here – and make sure you are protecting your investment!  Unfortunately, we rip out and replace several pools a year that were simply installed improperly.

3.  MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS … or … How much work do I have to do to keep it clean? Fiberglass – hands down – is the cheapest and easiest pool to maintain.  There’s no re-surfacing and the non-porous surface requires less chemicals.

4.  VALUE: In-ground pools add value to your property – PERIOD – especially on the Outer Banks.  Going with a lesser value pool shell or a vinyl liner could cost you big in the log run.  Always consider adding a long term investment and make sure you consider who will be in the pool and how it will be used.  Pets, renters, or kids?  Wouldn’t go with a liner as you are just asking to replace it!  Cheaper foreign pools don’t have the same quality construction AND warranty as American made fiberglass pools like those offered by the Latham family. Selecting the right swimming pool model is the key to the entire project.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge … give us a call or check out some of other blogs and information on our site!  We are the ONLY company specializing in all areas of creating your outdoor paradise from cabanas and bars to water features and beautiful landscaping – Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design makes your dreams a reality!

Just imagine coming home to your very own vacation hideaway – right in your own back yard!