Above Ground Pool vs. Inground Pool

Above Ground Pool vs. Inground Pool?  What’s right for you?  The answer depends largely on your budget, location, and purpose.

 Above ground pools are very inexpensive compared to inground pools.  If you have a tight budget or live in a cooler area where the swimming season is short, an above ground pool may fit the bill.  Above ground pools are considered temporary structures and typically last for a few seasons.  When incorporating them into your landscape, keep this in mind… especially when building structures such as decking.  The construction materials and equipment are of lesser quality than those of inground pools.  You will have to spend more time maintaining the pool and need more chemicals to keep it balanced.  Above ground pools are less appealing to prospective buyers of your property.  However, they are easily removed because they are meant to be a temporary structure.

 inground pool vs. above ground pool southern scapes OBX pool builder

Inground pools are certainly more expensive than above ground pools.  They are permanent structures on your property, requiring permitting and an experienced pool builder.  Every township and county has its own requirements regarding lot coverage and inground pools must be considered in your lot coverage.  Southern Scapes Pool & Landscape Design has worked with permitting offices throughout the region for the last 15 years; we have longstanding relationships with permitting officers will take care of this process for you. 

In addition, every state has requirements for swimming pool installers or contractors.  North Carolina, for example, requires a licensed General Contractor for any job over $30K.  Unfortunately, many pool installers do not carry this license.  Installing an inground pool is a major investment, so be sure your pool builder is properly licensed.  Southern Scapes is a licensed NC General Contractor.

The three main types of inground pools are fiberglass, gunite, and vinyl liner pools.  Adding an inground pool enhances your landscape and is attractive to potential buyers.  Each type of pool has its advantages and disadvantages.  For a more detailed look, check out recent blog post comparing the types of pools.  In this blog, we give readers an honest look at each type of pool and list the benefits and drawbacks of each.

When deciding on an above ground or an inground pool consider your budget, the area where you live, and how long you plan to remain at your current location.  However, an inground pool will certainly give you more return on your investment.